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Individual solutions for the loading and unloading of bulk materials

Hydraulically operated docking station for quick connection of pipelines for pneumatic conveying of cement

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With our many years of experience and comprehensive conveying technology expertise, we are the ideal partner when it comes to handling bulk materials.
Our solutions for you:

  • Docking station for the quick connection of conveyor pipelines of a pneumatic ship unloading system with the shore-side conveyor pipeline.
  • Mechanically operating loading systems for connecting self-unloading bulk carriers with shore-side conveyor systems
  • Pneumatic loading system for direct loading into trucks
  • Hopper stations with lifting device for gravity discharge of tank wagons
  • Clinker hoppers with dust retention systems

Since we are at home everywhere from pneumatics and hydraulics to electrical engineering and steel construction, we can pursue the best possible and most efficient solution approach for you without any restrictions – tailor-made to your requirements, including the mechanical or pneumatic transport of the bulk material from the pier edge to storage and beyond.

Our expertise makes us far more than just a partner for efficient and safe material handling. Above all, we are enablers and pioneers. We provide you with any customised individual solution you may require.

Selected reference projects

Dockingstation Rail wagon

Docking station for tank wagon

Hydraulic docking station for tank wagons for unloading bulk material

Screw conveyor for ship unloading

Loading system for connecting a cement barge with the shore system

Rotating material inlet feeder

Rotating material pick-up for a pneumatic ship unloader for low-dust unloading of cement

Hydraulic docking station

Docking station for quick connection of pipelines for pneumatic conveying of cement


Hydraulische Andockstation für Kesselwagen zur Entladung von Schüttgut.


Fertigung und Lieferung einer Förderschnecke zur Schiffsentladung von Zement.


Fertigung und Lieferung eines hydraulischen Schiffsentladers zur staubarmen Entladung von Zement.


Fertigung und Lieferung einer hydraulischen Andockstation zur Entladung von Schüttgutfrachtern.

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Are you looking for an experienced specialist for the supply or construction of conveyor technology components and system solutions in the field of ship loading and unloading of bulk materials?

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